Avoiding Bed Bugs When Traveling this Holiday Season

November 28, 2017

Avoiding Bed Bugs When Traveling this Holiday Season

For many families, the month of December means a lot of traveling. Whether you plan on staying in hotels, taking public transportation, or using public facilities, bed bugs are always a relevant concern. Once you get these stubborn pests, it’s difficult to get rid of them.

To reduce the chance of bringing unwanted pests home, prevention is the best strategy. Here are some tips for avoiding bed bugs when you travel this holiday season.

Inspect the Bedding and Mattress

Before you settle into bed, take a few minutes to pull back the sheets and inspect everything. Look for stains and spots that may indicate the presence of bed bugs. Alert the hotel staff immediately if you uncover anything suspicious and have your room switched.

Inspect the Couches and Chairs

Aside from the bedding, also inspect couches and chairs that may be in the room. Many hotel rooms include sofas and pull-out beds that could contain bed bugs. If you do ask to have your room switched, get one that is not near your current room. Bed bugs spread easily, and there’s a good chance that the adjacent rooms have a problem, too.

Maintain Your Luggage

Preferably, store all belongings in your suitcase in plastic bags. Keeping luggage off the floor is important, too. Most hotel rooms have a closet where you can hang your bags up. When you return home from traveling, unpack everything in the driveway or garage. Vacuum your suitcase to remove possible bed bugs or eggs before packing it away.

Wash Your Clothes

Whether you’ve worn them or not, be sure to wash all clothes when you return home. Bed bugs can hitch a ride on clothing and make their ways into drawers and closets. Washing all fabrics and drying them in the dryer will kill bed bugs and eggs.

Go Through the Kids’ Stuff

Clothes usually get washed, but many families forget that washing stuffed animals and soft toys is just as important! When arriving home, go through your kids’ belongings. Items like stuffed animals tend to be in the beds, on sofas, or dragged on floors. Wash these items in hot water and dry them in the dryer.

The only thing you want to bring home from your holiday travels is the memories! If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in the home, call Heritage Pest Control. Our team has a number of ways to treat these infestations, including our effective whole house heat treatments.