October 04, 2013

Bed Bugs Could Be The New Cockroaches!

Bed bugs have been the misfortune of mankind since the beginning of time. Believed to be derived from bat bugs, which feasted upon cave dwellers, the bloodsuckers eventually followed humans out of the caves.  As humans moved from place to place, the little vampires hopped on board and set up house in their new abodes.

Studies have shown that bed bugs have been a common pest for millions of years.  Fast forward to around 1950 and DDT hit US markets as a means of controlling another beast…the cockroach.  The surprising benefit of DDT was that it also killed bed bugs.  By the 1970’s though, DDT was considered to be dangerous and was pulled from the shelves.  Slowly but surely bed bugs began to pop up again in the US.

The Wall Street Journal reported on September 29, 2013 that research has begun whereas they are mapping the genomes of cockroaches and bed bugs.  “Bed bugs are what cockroaches were several decades ago and it is a concern” noted Coby Schal, a professor of entomology at NC State University.  Bed bugs collected the 1970’s are being compared to a collection of fossilized Egyptian bed bugs in the study.

While tracing their origin might be interesting, ridding your home is more important which is why people with bed bugs rely on a Bergen County NJ Pest Control expert like Heritage Pest Control.