Benefits of Having a Pest Control Service Agreement

July 13, 2017

Benefits of Having a Pest Control Service Agreement

No one likes to hear the word “contract”. It sounds binding and limiting, and sometimes, it is. However, there are times when having a contract not only provides essential peace of mind, but also cost savings. This is sometimes the case for homes and businesses that have pests in the home. Having a service agreement with a pest control company such as Heritage Pest Control can help you control these pests and prevent small problems from becoming big ones.

Let’s review the key advantages to having a pest control service agreement.

  • Prevent Infestations. All pest control services aim at eliminating pest infestations. A contract covers you year-round for all types of pests, whether it be mosquitoes, wasps or ticks.
  • Create Barriers. The services included with your annual contract will create a barrier around your property. Other pests are kept out of the home thanks to the perimeter treatments and bait placed around flower beds and trees.
  • Be Proactive. When a technician comes out to the home, they will look over your property and alert you of holes in screens, gaps in the siding and other issues that need to be addressed. If there are signs of termite or rodent activity, you will be the first person to know.
  • Preferred Scheduling. With a service agreement, members get preferred scheduling and whole-home inspections without having to pay extra. In many cases, we’re able to respond to your call on the same day.
  • Better Sleep. When you know that your home is actively protected from pests, you can sleep better at night. Pests are more than a nuisance. Some carry diseases that can be passed onto pets and humans (rodents), while others can damage the structure of your home (termites, carpenter ants).

Is a Service Agreement Right for You?

Not everyone needs an annual contract. At Heritage Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being open and honest with our customers. If your home has a lot of pest activity, a contract is a convenient and cost-effective way to care for your home. At the first sign of wasps, ticks, mosquitoes, etc., call us out and we’ll spray – it’s all part of your contract!

On the other hand, if you are dealing with an isolated incident, a single treatment should be fine. If the first application is not successful, we will come out for an additional treatment at no charge. Beware of companies that pressure you into signing something. These types of unethical contracts can be difficult to get out of.

Call Heritage Pest Control for safe, effective pest control treatment for your home and yard. We are happy to do an assessment and determine if a service agreement is right for you!