November 12, 2012

Carpenter Ants…Still Active In The Winter

When most people think of ants invading their home, they assume that the invasion will happen in the spring or summer months as this is the time when ant nests are working in full swing and quite visible.  Despite what people think, some ants will enter your home during the winter if they choose.

Ants are attracted to a variety of different things.  Like other types of pests, carpenter ants are attracted to areas of the home that are moist.  In particular, carpenter ants are attracted to wet wood. Carpenter ants are cold blooded and are not typically active in the winter.

Carpenter ants that are active in the winter must originate from a warmed source in order to survive. If you find carpenter ants indoors in the wintertime, you can be sure that you have a nest that is located someplace within the walls or floors of the structure.  Carpenter ants typically nest in wet and decaying wood that is most often found in kitchens and bathrooms, but it is not uncommon for carpenter ants to be found in sound timber as well.

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