June 24, 2013

Citronella Ants…Another Ant That Smells

The citronella ants name is derived from the citronella odor, or lemon verbena, that it emits.  The smell is most noticeable when it is crushed or threatened.  The citronella ant is yellow in color.  Queen ants are approximately 8 mm long and worker ants are approximately 4 mm long.

Like many other ant species, citronella ants construct their nest under rocks, under landscape timbers, under logs, and in the soil.  The oddly light coloring of the citronella ant causes many people to believe that termites are present instead of ants.

Indoors, termites tend to build their colony in areas where moisture is high, which is another reason that they are believed to be termites once they are discovered.  Citronella ants however will build their nests in wet wood that was once damaged by termites or wood that was wet and damaged by fungus.

Signs of citronella ant infestation can be swarming of winged reproductive and unearthed soil.  It is important for a NJ pest control pro to identify what type of ant species has which have invaded the space for proper eradication services.  Contact Heritage Pest Control today for expert help in locating ants as well as other types of pests.