April 03, 2013

Don’t Let Carpenter Ants Munch Away On Your Biggest Investment

All ants that invade a New Jersey home or business are annoying.  Creeping out of cracks and crevices, destroying stored food sources, scattering on the floors, in bathrooms, or covering the countertops…no matter where ants appear indoors, they are always a mess to deal with.  When carpenter ants arrive, they are typically a sneaky pest that most people do not notice initially.

Sometimes a small amount of carpenter ants will enter a structure, but that does not mean that there is an infestation in the building.  Carpenter ants are able to travel great distances as they forage for food to take back to their nesting site.

Carpenter ants are often confused with termites because they both destroy wood sources.  Termites eat wood, but carpenter ants do not.  Carpenter ants burrow through wood so that they can create nesting sites within a structure.  If you see piles of wood shavings, you can be assured that there is a severe carpenter ant infestation.  Sometimes, if you listen carefully, carpenter ants can be heard rustling inside of walls or woodwork.  Cats and dogs are often seen staring at walls, baseboards, or wood flooring as their sense of hearing is greater than humans and they can easily hear the ants hard at work.

If you look into a carpenter ant gallery you will see smooth, clean and polished wood as opposed to termites’ mud and soil.  Either type of finding requires the immediate help of a NJ pest control professional.  Call Heritage Pest Control for expert carpenter ant or termite eradication services.