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Squirrel Problems?

Squrirel in attic.

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Bed Bugs Biting?

Bed bugs in New Jersey are a problem.

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Affordable Northern NJ Pest Control Services

New Jersey pest control service protects your home and family.Heritage Pest Control has been providing quality, customer-satisfaction focused pest control services in northern New Jersey for over 20 years. We are different than other pest control firms in that we take the time and attention to educate you and solve your problem without supplying services that you don't need. We pride ourselves on our honest recommendations and our concern for your family and employees' safety. Using only EPA approved materials and innovative green materials; we work hard to control and eradicate your pests while being environmentally responsible.

Our pest control services are provided to both homes and businesses in the northern New Jersey region, specifically in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Morris County, and Passaic County. We also provide pest control services in these popular north New Jersey towns of: Teaneck, Clifton, Mahwah, Fairlawn, Rutherford, Kearney, River Vale, Ridgewood and all points in between.

NJ Carpenter and Nuisance Ant Experts

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Ants are the most common and numerous insect pest in northern New Jersey. In New Jersey we typically see about 15 different types of ants. Ants can be one of the most difficult to eradicate pests in northern New Jersey homes. In many cases we are called after a home owner has tried to treat for ants themselves. Using home treatments, they may cause the colony to split and rebud in a number of different locations causing ants to proliferate rapidly.

Ant activity will start in the spring, but can be present year round. Some ants in our New Jersey area even carry disease. If you have ants including the voracious wood eating carpenter ant, we have effective eradication protocols that solve your ant problem fast. Contact us today to get your ant problem under control fast!

Flying termite and worker termite.NJ Termites and Innovative Termite Control Options

Several termite species are found in the U.S., but the subterranean termite poses the greatest risk to northern New Jersey homeowners. Living and feeding out of sight, termites can go undetected for years, doing significant structural damage to your northern New Jersey home. Once discovered, their secretive nature and highly-honed survival instincts can make it extremely difficult to locate and eliminate the entire termite colony.

When it comes to treating termites, you need a NJ termite specialist, that specialist is Heritage Pest Control. Providing a variety of termite treatment options, we are able to exterminate, bait and selectively kill, or even monitor for the presence of termites. To be protected from termites you no longer need expensive and invasive foundation drilling and trenching, new bait and interception stations are effective in decimating termite colonies with minimal environmental disruption. Find out more about our NJ termites and the innovative termite control options we have for you.


Bed Bugs a Growing NJ Pest Control Problem

Bed Bugs are vampires of the insect world.Vampires of the insect world, bed bugs are opportunistic pests that feed on the blood of humans, creating psychological panic well out of proportion to their size. While classed as a nuisance pest and not known to transmit disease, bed bugs bites can raise itchy red welts - often dozens each night that plague their victims with a terrible itch and swelling.

Once established, bed bugs spread quickly through homes, apartments, condominiums and office buildings via wall voids, electrical and plumbing conduits, heating ducts and shared laundry rooms. They are equal opportunity pests; creating havoc in homes of all economic levels. They typically will hitch hike in on luggage, backpacks, or clothing. Once established bed bugs can rapidly become a real problem for northern New Jersey homes.

Early detection and treatment is key. With early detection usually just the sleeping area can be treated keeping treatment costs and disruption down. Wait too long, and bed bugs can require multiple treatments and require the discarding of furnishings and personal property as well as the trauma caused by their nightly feeding attacks. We are bed bug specialists and have both traditional chemical treatments and a new dry steam treatment to solve your bed bug problem. Our new dry steam treatment kills even chemically resistant bed bugs to give you your life back; allowing you to sleep peacefully at night again. Don't wait get help now!

We Are Different From Other NJ Pest Control Firms, Find Out Why

View our specials.Our difference from other NJ pest control firms is our flexibility and personal attention to your pest control needs. We don't focus on services you don't need when we provide a free estimate, rather we are careful to select the services that will provide real benefit and solve your pest problem. Find out more about just how Heritage Pest Control is different from other pest control firms and what you can expect when you call us for service.

We invite you to read what our customers say about their experience with us. When you need a fast, affordable NJ exterminator make your first call to Heritage Pest Control at 1-866-666-3120.