November 30, 2012

Must Treat Entire Building To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to eradicate when they are found in a single family home, and they are even worse when they are found in a multi-unit apartment building report NJ pest control professionals.

The TRIB LIVE reported on November 29, 2012 that seniors in the Ridge Avenue Senior Housing apartments in Pennsylvania are battling a bed bug infestation.  Residents are living with their clothing, bedding, curtains and other belongings washed and bagged in heavy duty trash bags as the exterminator treats their apartment units.

Management claims that bed bugs were found in three units within the facility and they have provided treatment in those units.  The problem is that residents report that bed bugs are now crawling down the hallways and infesting other units.

One senior, who has already undergone bed bug treatment, is still being plagued by the bloodsuckers.  She claims to have been told by management that she will not have any other treatment provided.  She claims that she offered to pay for the pest control service, but the rules are that she must gain approval from the management company in order to have the treatment again, which is not forthcoming.

There are no city or state ordinances available to help these seniors.  They are at the mercy of the management company which should clearly treat the entire building or the bed bugs will continue to move from unit to unit, multiplying daily as they go.