Packing Tips: How to Pest-Proof Your Holiday Decorations

December 20, 2017

Packing Tips: How to Pest-Proof Your Holiday Decorations

When it comes time to pack away your holiday decorations, be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your belongings safe – and free from pests. Greenery can become a home to spiders, moths, mites and other small pests. Plus, decorations are normally stored in attics, garages or basements, which can lead to infestations. Using the proper precautions will eliminate most pest infestations so that you can enjoy a bug-free decorating season next year!

Artificial Tree

You can reuse the same cardboard box that your tree came in, but keep in mind that cardboard is susceptible to water damage. It can also be chewed through by mice or rodents. A better option is to add a layer of protection by wrapping the tree in a plastic bag before placing it into the box. However, the best option is to break down the tree (if you can) and neatly store it in a tree bag or box. This will preserve the lifespan of your tree by keeping the branches in good condition and blocking pests.


Green wreaths also deserve careful attention. Pests are attracted to the artificial branches, acorns and ribbons, especially when they’re sitting in an attic or basement. Shake out the wreath before placing it into storage. You can use a plastic bag, but this can be chewed through by rodents. Your best bet is to purchase a plastic container to store the wreath in. This will keep small insects and mice out. And, you don’t have to worry about your delicate wreaths getting crushed.


You would hate to get rid of all those adorable ornaments you’ve collected over the years. But, this can happen if there’s an infestation. Ornaments can be of particular interest to rodents because they are sometimes made from food or have food scents. Purchase an ornament box made from plastic to store your treasures. Not only will this seal out pests but also prevent wooden items from warping in humid environments.

Outside Lights and Decorations

You have to assume that outside lights and decorations will see some pest activity, but you don’t want an active mice infestation on your hands. If this happens, rodents can chew through your inflatables, wooden decorations and string lights. To protect your outside decor, place blow-up items in their original boxes or into a sealed plastic bag. Hang wooden decorations on hooks in the attic or garage. Use bubble wrap to pack fragile light strands.

Don’t forget to have a pest control company visit your home at least once during the year. This will prevent pest problems from turning up in high-risk areas such as attics, basements and crawl spaces – the same places where you store your holiday decor!