Bed Bugs

Northern New Jersey Bed Bug Extermination Solutions

Very few things can give you a heightened level of creepy-crawlies like bed bugs. Tiny and elusive in nature, they can hide in crevices in your bed, travel through existing holes in the wall, or gain entrance to a fresh home or hotel room by literally riding your coattails through the door. What’s worse, bed bugs are growing stronger and more adept at avoiding extermination techniques, as their immunity to previously effective insecticides continues to grow. That’s why your best chance at removing bed bugs from your commercial or residential property may lie with the experts at Heritage Pest Control.

Our bed bug extermination teams will work with you to define which bed bug treatment works best for your infestation and offer the following options:

  • Synthetic residuals, such as chemicals or sprays. Another way to get rid of bed bugs is to allow Heritage Pest Control to apply EPA-approved chemicals around your home or business. Exterminators will use applications in tough-to-reach spaces, such as furniture, window and door moldings, closets and bedding. We’ll treat your property again within two weeks to reinforce its effectiveness.
  • Whole house full heat treatment requires very little involvement on your part, short of opening drawers and taking your pets out for the day. Forcing heated air into your home for several hours to kill all bed bugs may be just the problem solver you need to get rid of your bed bugs once and for all.
  • Bed bug dog services. Man’s best friend can be trained to sniff out lots of things, from drugs and bombs to bed bug pests. Our bed bug dogs are adept at detecting the most minuscule pest problems before they turn into a larger infestation issue, saving you money and time.

Whole House Full Heat Treatment

Heat has been scientifically documented to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs. In fact, sustained temperatures of over 120 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of ten minutes (like putting infested clothes in a dryer on medium heat) will kill all bed bugs and eggs. However, you can’t put your furniture, carpet, and home accessories in the dryer, Heritage Pest Control offers a whole house heat treatment that will put your mind at ease.

It’s easy to get ready, here’s what you have to do to prepare for a whole home heat treatment:

  1. Open all the closet doors, drawers and doors in your home.
  2. Remove any aerosol can products from the premises.
  3. Move any houseplants outside.
  4. Put outside or in a shed any oil paintings, candles, or waxy products that may melt.
  5. Set your heat or air conditioning to off.
  6. Unplug electrical appliances.
  7. Go out for the afternoon and pamper yourself. You deserve it!*

It’s that simple. Our heat treatment team does all the rest. When you come home you’ll be bed bug free in one visit.

While you are away, this is what our heat treatment team does:

  1. The team will arrive around 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. and start equipment set up.
  2. They will do a quick walk through to make sure problem items that are easily visible are removed before heating starts.
  3. They set up our propane and generator-powered heaters to blow hot air throughout your home to achieve an interior temperature of 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for three to four hours; killing all bed bugs and eggs where ever they may be.
  4. Our team is usually packed up and leaves around 3:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Extra Measure of Assurance and Peace of Mind

As we understand how traumatic a bed bug problem can be and to provide a greater level of assurance, after your heat treatment, we will apply special bed bug killing materials in the affected areas for your peace of mind. On top of that, we will come out to inspect for bed bugs in two weeks to make sure that none survived plus we offer a 90 day bed bug free warrantee.

The bottom-line is that our heat treatment saves you:

  • Valuable time.
  • Takes the headaches out of bed bug treatment by minimizing the amount of cleaning and preparation work.
  • Affords an immediate kill of all bed bugs from adults, to nymphs, to eggs allowing you to get on with your life fast!

Rely on Heritage Pest Control for Your Bed Bug Extermination Needs

If you think your home or hotel has a bed bug problem, don’t wait to see more evidence. Call the bed bug extermination technicians at Heritage Pest Control to address the swarm before it gets out of control. Contact us today at 866-666-3120 or fill out our online form to request more information and schedule a free pest inspection.

Eliminate bed bugs from your commercial or residential property with help from Heritage Pest Control in North Jersey, including Rutherford, Cedar Grove, Short Hills and Madison, NJ.