Bees & Hornets

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Becoming the target of a stinging insect is never fun, and can be downright deadly for those who have an allergic reaction to such instances. Heritage Pest Control has the extermination experts you need to keep your backyard, parking lot or outdoor dining area safe for all family members, visitors and employees. Our Fairfield, NJ pest services for residential and commercial customers have been honed through more than two decades of industry experience, which includes specializations in both humane and eco-friendly removal techniques.

While it may be easy to classify all stinging insects as “bees” or “hornets,” there are distinct differences and subgroups of those families –– and all contribute in different ways to your landscape. Heritage Pest Control is equipped to tackle the following stingers:

  • Carpenter bees. Up to one and a half inches long, these bumbling insects rarely sting, but will dive bomb when provoked. Carpenter bees are best known for chewing their way through wood, at times causing structural damage.
  • Bumble bees. One inch long with the classic yellow and black stripes, bumble bees are passive until they feel threatened, upon which they will chase intruders away from the nest. Contrary to popular belief, bumble bees are capable of stinging multiple times.
  • Halictid/sweat bees. About half the size of bumble bees, the halictid variety are blue and green, and are known to feed on nectar, pollen and human sweat. These bees will also sting if provoked.
  • Wasps. These have a smaller waist than bees, and eat insects (including other wasps), fruit, nectar and carrion. Their nests tend to look like paper mache, and may be home to a large and aggressive social colony.
  • Hornets. Boasting yellow and brown stripes, hornets can sting more than once and are extremely aggressive.
  • Paper wasps. Sporting either yellow, orange, red, brown or black coloring, paper wasps eat insects and nectar, and will sting when disrupted.
  • Yellow jackets. The most aggressive of them all, these are especially prone to attack in late summer, even without being threatened.

Complete Stinging Insect Protection from the Top NJ Exterminators

Bees & Hornets RemovalJust because some kinds of buzzing insects can be aggressive doesn’t mean that you have to hide indoors to stay safe. Contact Heritage Pest Control to treat any active bee or hornet infestations, as well as to remove hives and discourage new colonies from making your area their own. Call us today at 866-666-3120 to request your free pest inspection within 24 hours of your initial point of contact.


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