Keep Your Northern NJ Home or Business Tweet-Free

Birds may be pretty to look at and provide a sweet song to listen to –– but they aren’t as much fun when they’re nesting in your home or business. While pigeons are plagued by a pest reputation, other birds can invade your space as well, potentially welcoming disease-laden fecal matter and insects as well.

Thanks to the humane animal control offerings from Heritage Pest Control, you can now safely remove birds from your home without worrying about causing harm to the bird itself. Heritage Pest Control’s animal experts use a variety of non-life-threatening means to rehome bird pests, including chimney caps, trapping and releasing, and one-way exits (which allows birds to leave, but not re-enter).

If you’ve noticed that invading birds have caused damage to your residential or commercial property, we can help there as well. Heritage Pest Control proudly offers the following pest damage solutions to customers in Northern New Jersey:

  • Dryer vent covers
  • Gutter repairs and cleaning
  • Gutter guard installation
  • Exclusion, or the sealing of entrance points

Heritage Pest offers “Clean and Sanitize” services that help you regain order again quickly.

Don’t wait until you have several unwelcome houseguests to treat a wildlife problem. Heritage Pest will remove droppings, treat urine damage, replace insulation if needed and sanitize the area to restore and healthy environment. Urine and feces can carry disease, and even though the damage is generally in your attic or crawl space, the harmful bacteria can be carried into your home.

Preventative & Active Pest Infestation Care from Heritage Pest Control

Whether you think you hear something chirping in your chimney, or know birds are roosting in your eaves, Heritage Pest Control is here to help. Call the bird removal experts at 866-666-3120 or visit our contact page to request a free pest inspection.
Heritage Pest Control provides humane animal control solutions for residential and commercial properties in North Jersey