See One & Call: Cockroach Extermination from Heritage Pest Control

You may see one cockroach around your residential or commercial property and not think it’s that big of a deal –– after all, how much harm can one bug do? The truth is, seeing just one roach may be an indicator of a hidden infestation that is breeding in a hidden location at your home or business. Cockroaches don’t just come with an “ick” factor; they’re widely known to boost the spread of infectious and potentially deadly diseases, such as salmonella and dysentery. They also aren’t limited to scuttling along the ground like some bugs. Thanks to sticky pads on their feet, they can climb just about anywhere, accessing food and anything else that would be off-limits to other bugs.Cockroach Extermination

The bad news is that cockroaches probably aren’t going away completely in the near future, as they have existed on this planet for around 350 million years. The good news is that the roach extermination experts at Heritage Pest Control are thoroughly trained on a number of ways to eliminate infestations from your home or business.

Thanks to more than 26 years of experience, Heritage Pest Control will treat any current cockroach problems, as well as utilizing a series of steps to ensure that they will not return to your property. Our Fairfield exterminators undergo weeks of training and certification courses to allow for the maximum pest service potential. They’re also specially trained in eco-friendly products that will not cause additional harm to you, your family or employees.

Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Pantries

If you do happen to see a roach running across the floor, don’t panic. Treat the offending bug accordingly, and then call the cockroach professionals at Heritage Pest Control at 866-666-3120. We strive to schedule appointments within 24 hours of your initial call, so contact us today to set up your free pest inspection as soon as possible.

Use Heritage Pest Control for all of your insect & pest needs, including cockroach extermination services in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Morris and North Hudson counties.