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Enjoy an al fresco picnic on your patio or use your office kitchen as you please without ants as dining companions when you invest your pest service needs with Heritage Pest Control. For more than 26 years, Heritage Pest Control has provided a variety of pest and humane animal control services to homes and businesses in North New Jersey, using eco-friendly methods to remove a wide swath of pests in addition to ants, including bees, cockroaches, raccoons, squirrels, stink bugs and woodchucks.

Ants are most common in our area in the spring, a time when they turn to the outdoors in search of new nesting locations –– which are often found in organically rich spots, such as soil or garden mulch. While ants may make their home outside, they will venture indoors to gain easier access to food and water, entering through any exposed cracks, open windows or doors, or spaces that are not as tightly sealed like porches and garages.

A few common species include:

  • Pharaoh
  • Argentine
  • Odorous
  • Carpenter

If you notice that the ants are larger than normal and are black, that may be an indicator of a carpenter infestation. Carpenter ants are typically known for eating wood, and, as a result, can cause extensive structural damage to your home or business. While they do not sting humans, they can deliver a powerful bite, as they have strong jaws to mow through trees, fences, wood timber and more. While more common Fairfield ants are usually found on the ground, carpenter ants are stronger, and may be noticed climbing walls instead of staying along the floor.

Get Rid of Ants in Northern NJ with Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Treat ant infestations before they take over your residential or commercial property. Heritage Pest Control’s exterminators are well-versed in several pest removal techniques, such as ant bait and traps. Treat current ant colonies and prevent future ones from taking root by using Heritage Pest Control to protect your living or work space. Contact our extermination team at 866-666-3120 to schedule your free pest inspection today.

Protect your home or business from invasive ant colonies with the extermination experts at Heritage Pest Control, serving Caldwell, Little Falls and Montville, NJ.