Fleas & Ticks

Complete Tick & Flea Control in Northern Jersey

Enjoy a stroll through your backyard or love on your pets without worrying about potentially harmful bugs by using the best exterminators in Northern NJ at Heritage Pest Control. Aiding both residential and commercial clients with tick and flea extermination techniques, our technicians receive weeks of training and certifications that are backed by more than 26 years of experience in the industry. That means that you’ll be receiving top-of-the-line services from a well-established and knowledgeable company when you choose Heritage Pest Control.

Though fleas and ticks are tiny, the effects they leave behind can be particularly devastating. Fleas are typically spread outside through animal contact, such as with raccoons, squirrels or rodents, which may pass the pests on to your household pets, bringing them indoors and to you. Fleas feed on blood and leave behind patterns of itchy, swollen bites. While flea diseases are not terribly prevalent in Fairfield, they have been known to aid in the spreading of the bubonic plague, typhus and tapeworms, with some individuals reporting allergic reactions.

Ticks, on the otherhand, are well known for transmitting harmful diseases, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Three types of ticks are in our area, including the following:

  • Black-legged tick: Also known as the deer tick, this tick is the biggest culprit of Lyme disease transmission.
  • American dog tick: Responsible for Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Brown dog tick

Fairfield ticks also feed on blood and call long grass or the woods home, attaching themselves to humans or animals who pass by.

Maintain a Pest-Free Property with Heritage Pest Control

Protect yourself, visitors and pets from harmful flea and tick bites with help from Heritage Pest Control. We aim to make appointments with you within 24 hours of your initial call, so you’ll be able to enjoy a home or business that’s free of Fairfield ticks and fleas as soon as possible. Contact our exterminators today at 866-666-3120 or fill out our online form to request a free pest inspection for your residential or commercial property.

Heritage Pest Control treats businesses and homes for fleas, ticks and more in and around North Jersey, including Fairfield, Caldwell, Parsippany and Randolph areas.