Mice & Rats

Keep Rats & Mice Out of the Kitchen with Heritage Pest Control

Preventing rats and mice from making your residential or commercial property their new home doesn’t have to be difficult, thanks to the humane animal control services and extensive exclusion techniques from the technicians at Heritage Pest Control. Rodents may appear to be cute and cuddly, and some domesticated pet varieties may be –– but the ones that live in the wild can not only get into food stores, but can also spread a host of diseases and parasites to their unknowing human roommates.

Two varieties of mice are present in Northern New Jersey: the gray house mouse and the white-footed deer mouse. The gray house mouse is best known for living indoors, pilfering from residential and commercial kitchens as needed for food sources. The white-footed deer mouse, however, often carries deer ticks, which can aid in the spreading of Lyme disease. They commonly live in outdoor areas, but can also make their home in your home or garage. This particular kind of mouse is also known to be a carrier of the Hantavirus, which can be fatal for humans, but not for the rodent carriers themselves.

Heritage Pest offers “Clean and Sanitize” services that help you regain order again quickly.

Don’t wait until you have several unwelcome houseguests to treat a wildlife problem. Heritage Pest will remove droppings, treat urine damage, replace insulation if needed and sanitize the area to restore and healthy environment. Urine and feces can carry disease, and even though the damage is generally in your attic or crawl space, the harmful bacteria can be carried into your home.

Rats in particular are fond of commercial spaces, such as restaurants or warehouses. Heritage Pest Control’s technicians are adept at eliminating these rodents from your property, using a variety of human animal control practices, such as exclusion methods. We also use bait and other means to trap any invading rodents, sealing their entry points as we remove them so they cannot come back into your building. Our pest services teams can also install exit devices that allow rats and mice to leave, but not gain re-entry.

Eliminate Rodents & Disease from Your Residential or Commercial Property in Northern NJ

You don’t have to take on rodent infestations on your own. In fact, doing so may cause them to ingest deadly poisons, and may make your living or working space unsanitary as decay occurs within your walls. Leave rats and mice to the professionals at Heritage Pest Control for thorough and humane animal removal services that will get your area back to being animal-free.

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Heritage Pest Control provides comprehensive rodent removal services for home and business owners in North Jersey, including the Livingston, Madison, Montvale and Englewood areas.