Keep Masked Wildlife Invaders Away with Heritage Pest Control

They may look like cuddly, animal versions of little bandits, but raccoons can cause significant damage to your home or business, and have been known to spread rabies to humans. Often living in chimneys and attics, as well as under decks and porches, raccoons have also been known to literally rip shingles off of roofs or screens off windows and doors in an attempt to gain access to the inside of buildings.

Many people may shy away from calling a pest services company for wildlife removal services, but do-it-yourself raccoon removal methods can be risky. Raccoons are extremely intelligent, and may outwit attempted trappings. While initial efforts, such as coyote urine or loud noises may work, the effects will only be temporary once the raccoons detect that the deterrents are not real.

Heritage Pest offers “Clean and Sanitize” services that help you regain order again quickly.

Don’t wait until you have several unwelcome houseguests to treat a wildlife problem. Heritage Pest will remove droppings, treat urine damage, replace insulation if needed and sanitize the area to restore and healthy environment. Urine and feces can carry disease, and even though the damage is generally in your attic or crawl space, the harmful bacteria can be carried into your home.

Raccoons will typically feed on garbage, breaking into trashcans and dumpsters to do so. They’ll also comb through gardens, looking for young plants and grubs, and may even break into homes to get into dog food. When they come into contact with other animals or humans, raccoons may also bring fleas or ticks with them, and, in turn, the diseases that those pests carry.

Humane Animal & Raccoon Removal Methods in Northern New Jersey

It’s important to our team at Heritage Pest Control that we use as many eco-friendly and humane methods to remove pests from homes and businesses as possible. Our technicians are specially trained in exclusion treatments, which involve trapping and relocating invasive wildlife. We also use exclusion points, which allow animals to leave your building, but do not permit re-entry.

Kick unwelcome raccoon visitors out today with Heritage Pest Control. Call our raccoon removal team at 866-666-3120 or contact us online to request a free pest inspection today.

Keep raccoons from invading your home or business with help from the humane animal control specialists at Heritage Pest Control in North Jersey, serving the Fairfield, Madison, Livingston and Cedar Grove areas.