Spray No More: Skunk Exclusion Services from Heritage Pest Control

You’re probably familiar with the old adage that tomato juice helps take the terrible odor of skunk spray away –– but what if you didn’t have to keep it on-hand “just in case” to begin with? Safely remove skunks from your property and discourage them from coming back, with the extensive exclusion and humane animal control practices from Heritage Pest Control in Fairfield, NJ.

Our wildlife experts are well-versed in removing a number of nuisance animals in addition to skunks from residential and commercial areas, including birds, rodents, raccoons, squirrels and woodchucks in Fairfield. Skunks are generally non-aggressive, but are well-known for their spray, which they emit when frightened, startled or defensive. They can also be slightly disruptive to your property, as they get into garbage cans, like to live under sheds or in garages, and will sometimes snack on pet food if it’s readily available.

Revolutionary & Humane Animal Control Techniques

Do-it-yourself skunk removal methods, such as filling a hole after you’re sure it isn’t occupied, can sometimes be effective, but can also put you in the way of a nasty skunk spray. It’s often best to leave animal trapping and removal to the experts at Heritage Pest Control. Our technicians are trained in a variety of humane animal removal methods, such as trapping and exclusion. We can use special enclosures to trap skunks and relocate them to another area, or can install devices that allow them to leave, but do not encourage re-entry to their den.

When a skunk problem has you stumped, save yourself some potential trouble by calling the animal removal team at Heritage Pest Control. Contact us today at 866-666-3120 to schedule your complimentary pest inspection with a wildlife professional.

Heritage Pest Control is your source for commercial and residential wildlife removal services in North Jersey and the surrounding areas, including Randolph, Morristown, Little Falls, Rutherford and Fairlawn.