Stink Bugs

Clear the Stink (Bugs) Out with Heritage Pest Control

While not native to the United States, stink bugs have made a major impact in the Northeast since their arrival about 20 years ago. Brown marmorated stink bugs are the most pervasive grouping of the invasive insects in Northern New Jersey, and are largely recognized for the unpleasant smell they emit when frightened or squashed. They do not bite humans, but have been particularly detrimental to several farming crops up and down the East Coast.

Stink bugs are readily identified by their brown shield body shape and striping down their back, possessing long antennae and growing to nearly an inch in length. Stink bugs subsist primarily on plants, fruits and vegetables, and have a somewhat developed resistance to insecticides, making them particularly tricky for a farmer to kill to protect their crops.

There are, however, ways you can proactively make your residential or commercial building inhospitable to the pests. North Jersey stink bugs tend to head indoors in the fall, wintering inside, and emerging when the weather turns warm again in the spring. That means the most effective time to prevent their re-entrance is in the summer, when the bugs have largely vacated your home. Sealing any cracks along window frames or doors can be effective, as can repairing broken windows or screens.

Remove, Don’t Squash, NJ Stink Bugs

Simply crushing a stink bug may kill it, but it will also create a rather unpleasant smell. If you’d like to avoid their odor but remove the insects at the same time, there is no better choice than with the stink bug professionals at Heritage Pest Control. Our exterminators can safely eliminate the insects from your house or business, and we can treat any susceptible areas so the invasive bugs do not return for the cooler months.

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