Protect Your North Jersey Property with Termite Extermination Treatments

Termites can be nearly invisible purveyors of destruction to your home or business, chewing their way unseen through wood and threatening the structure of your building. The invasive insects can be blamed for more than five billion dollars in damage in the United States each year, affecting more than half a million homes. Termites are especially effective in their structure-destroying abilities because many exist in subterranean colonies, living largely undisturbed until they are discovered by a home- or business-owner.

While the internet is rife with do-it-yourself termite baiting systems and treatments, the most potent form of extermination efforts can be exhibited through North Jersey’s foremost termite experts at Heritage Pest Control. Our exterminators receive weeks of training and certifications to bring them up to speed on cutting-edge removal techniques that will prohibit the destructive bugs from returning to treated property.

Heritage Pest Control prides ourselves on minimal environmental impacts through our termite extermination practices, and offers the following solutions in Fairfield and the surrounding areas:

  • Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting. Enticing termites with a baiting station, Exterra encourages them to feed on poison, killing the entire colony. Our exterminators will place baiting systems in key points around your property to attract the insects.
  • Termidor Liquid Applications. Termidor acts as a liquid barrier around your building, attaching to termites that cross it. They then carry the termiticide back to the colony, where it kills up to 100 other termites per infected termite.
  • Termite Monitors. We can install termite monitors around your home and come out for periodic checks to make sure your home is termite free. If termites are detected in the monitors during an inspection, we will advise you on what actions to take next. This will allow exterminators to see exactly where the insects are and provide real-time reassurance that your property is termite-free.

Preventative Termite & Pest Services from Heritage Pest Control

Offering yearly termite protection plans, Heritage Pest Control is your termite and pest solution. Don’t wait until you think you have termites to act. Give our exterminators a call today at 866-666-3120, contact us online to schedule a free pest inspection, and visit our coupon page to see any active termite baiting system promotions.

Heritage Pest Control is Northern NJ’s premier residential and commercial extermination team for termites and other invasive pests, servicing Fairfield NJ and beyond.