Full Service Bergen County Pest Control

Discovering that you may have a pest problem in Bergen County, NJ is bound to leave a bad feeling in your stomach. What type of pest is causing the problem? Is it one pest or many? What needs to be done to protect your home and family?

At Heritage Pest Control, insects, wildlife and other pests are our speciality. We are used to receiving phone calls from Bergen County residents who are concerned about pest problems. Our exterminators are certified and experienced so they can quickly identify what the problem is and how to deal with it.

Common Pests in Bergen County

Since the seasons change in Bergen County, pest problems change as well. When the weather is warm, residents tend to see a spike in insects such as mosquitoes, ants and spiders. When the weather turns cold, many of these insects are killed off. Instead, residents have a new problem to deal with: wildlife. Animals like raccoons, skunks and mice go looking for places to keep warm, and they’re perfectly fine sharing their homes with you.

At Heritage Pest Control, we’re familiar with the different types of pests that affect Bergen County residents and the solutions for dealing with them. Give us a call if you think you have an infestation and we’ll schedule a consultation within 24 hours.

Humane Pest Control Services

As a family owned company, it’s important for us to offer products that we feel good about. All of our products are EPA-approved and safe to use in households. We only use these products when necessary. If possible, our exterminators try to fix the problem with humane exclusion methods such as by sealing up cracks, replacing broken screens and keeping trash covered.

No matter what type of problem you call us out for – a hornet nest in your backyard or scratching sounds coming from your attic – you can count on our exterminators to deliver the best service possible. We are educated in the latest technologies, and we utilize cutting-edge products that will solve your problem for good.

From Ridgewood to Mahwah, Englewood, Rutherford and Fort Lee, if you suspect that you may have a pest problem in your Bergen County home, give Heritage a call today!