Full Service Morris County Pest Control

When you purchased your home in Morris County NJ, you probably knew you were going to share it with someone. But you certainly didn’t expect to be sharing it with a family of raccoons or a bed full of bed bugs. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes.

If you suspect a pest problem in your home, call Heritage Pest Control right away. Our family owned company has been serving residents in Morris County for over two decades, helping them chase away pest problems for good. We are educated in the latest technologies, and all of our products are safe and EPA approved. Whenever possible, we use humane exclusion methods to keep pests out.

Protecting Your Home and Family

In order to deliver the best service possible, Heritage Pest Control must send out the best exterminators. And we do. Our technicians carry extensive training and are certified by the state. They are familiar with what types of pests affect Morris County residents, and they identify pest problems quickly and efficiently.

When we know what we’re dealing with, the problem becomes much easier to treat. Do those scurrying feet in the attic belong to mice or a family of squirrels?

We use insecticides only when necessary, and they always fall in line with our integrated pest management low-impact goals. Protecting the environment also means protecting your family.

Humane Wildlife Exclusion in Morris County

Treating the infestation is only part of the solution when dealing with wildlife. You may only bring in bed bugs once, but a small gap in the attic will have mice returning year after year. That’s why our exterminators will identify entry points to the home so that they can be sealed up for good. Unless you like visitors with four legs, wildlife exclusion is the ONLY way to truly deal with the problem.

There is no shortage of pests in Morris County. From Parsippany to Morristown, Randolph, Montville and Basking Ridge, Heritage Pest Control has you covered. Call us today if you suspect you’re sharing your home with some unwelcome guests. We’ll make the right determination and suggest the appropriate solution for your problem.