Humane Animal Control Solutions in Northern NJ

While some creatures may appear to be cute and harmless, wild animals can sometimes carry infectious diseases or insects that may invade your commercial or residential property. That’s why it’s important to remove wayward animals from your home or business in as humane a manner as possible with the wildlife experts at Heritage Pest Control.

We specialize in eco-friendly animal removal methods that will not harm the squirrels, mice and rats, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks or other wildlife that have claimed your space as their own. Heritage Pest Control’s expert teams receive training on a number of animal exclusion methods, including the following solutions in Fairfield:

  • Chimney caps: Deter birds and raccoons from entering your building through a chimney.
  • Dryer vent covers: Eliminate a popular entrance point for birds.
  • Rodent exclusion: Caulk or seal any means of entry for rats and mice.
  • Trapping: Animals are relocated as part of our humane services.
  • One-way exit tunnels: Allow an exit point, but prevent re-entry.

Extensive Wildlife Damage Repairs from Heritage Pest Control in Fairfield, NJ

If an animal has proliferated in your building or has caused extensive damage to your home and business, Heritage Pest Control can help. Our wildlife teams are skilled at repairing a number of common issues, such as replacing gutters that were damaged by raccoons, clearing animal fecal matter, or patching up holes left behind by squirrels.

Heritage Pest offers “Clean and Sanitize” services that help you regain order again quickly.

Don’t wait until you have several unwelcome houseguests to treat a wildlife problem. Heritage Pest will remove droppings, treat urine damage, replace insulation if needed and sanitize the area to restore and healthy environment. Urine and feces can carry disease, and even though the damage is generally in your attic or crawl space, the harmful bacteria can be carried into your home.

Call Heritage Pest Control today at 866-666-3120 or visit our contact page to learn more about how you can benefit from our humane animal control offerings, as well as to schedule a free pest inspection.

Heritage Pest Control is the most reliable source in Northern New Jersey for humane animal control solutions for commercial and residential facilities in Caldwell, Montclair and Wayne, NJ.