February 04, 2013

Tackling NJ Bed Bugs Is No Easy Task

NJ pest control professionals are often called to homes after residents have tried unsuccessfully to rid their abode of bed bugs.  With so many store bought pesticides available, it’s no wonder that people take on the task of trying to tackle the little vampires.  Although small in size, bed bugs have proven to be one of the most difficult pests to eradicate, even for pest control professionals.  Depending on the severity of the infestation, it often takes repeated visits or a combination of efforts to rid a home of the tiny pests.

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowner’s make when trying to kill bed bugs is misapplying pesticides.  Recent studies have shown that store bought pesticides or organic remedies are not effective at killing bed bugs.  Because of the lack of positive results, homeowners often try one pesticide after another in a desperate attempt to kill the bloodsucking pests.  Additionally, pesticides are often used on soft fabric surfaces that are not intended for such use.  The most dangerous misuse of pesticides is using outdoor chemicals indoors.  The improper use of pesticides can cause serious illnesses or even fatal results.

Bed bug infestations can spread quickly to other pieces of furniture, to other rooms, within walls, and in multi-unit buildings, into other units.  It is important to call a licensed pest control professional at the first sign of any bed bug infestation.  A NJ pest control professional will be able to properly identify the locations of the bed bug infestations and develop a safe plan of attack against the pests.