March 17, 2010

What to Do If Bed Bugs Follow You Home?

Just the size of an apple seed when they’re full grown, bed bug eggs and nymphs may be no bigger than the head of a pin. Bed bugs can easily crawl inside suitcases when you’re traveling and come home with you. Even if you experienced no itchy bites during your spring vacation, a few precautions will help keep bed bugs from infesting your northern New Jersey home.

  • Do not unpack your suitcases on your bed or in your bedroom. Unpack in a cleared area in the basement or laundry room.
  • Sort clothing (even clean clothing) into plastic bags that can be emptied directly into the washer. Keep tightly sealed until washed and dispose of bags in outdoor trash immediately. Do not reuse bags.
  • To kill bed bugs and their eggs, place clothing  into washer and wash on hottest setting for longest cycle length then dry for at least 60 minutes on the hottest heat. Removed dried clothing from area immediately.
  • Seal unwashable items in plastic bags and freeze for 2 weeks or bake in hot, closed car for at least 2 hours.
  • Vacuum suitcases and immediately dispose of vacuum bag in outdoor trash receptacle.
  • Store suitcases away from bedroom area.

If despite all your precautions, you still wind up with bed bugs in your northern New Jersey home, immediately call the bed bug experts at Heritage Pest Control. We understand how traumatic bed bugs can be and provide prompt, careful, attentive bed bug service.