Environmentally Friendly Pest Services with Heritage Pest Control

Keeping pests and nuisance wildlife off of your residential or commercial property doesn’t have to negatively impact the environment. Protect visitors and animals alike with the extensive eco-friendly exclusion and removal techniques from Heritage Pest Control in Fairfield, NJ. For more than 26 years, Heritage Pest Control has honed our expertise in on minimally invasive ways to remove potentially harmful and deadly pests from homes and businesses, while disrupting nature as little as possible in the process.

Since 1989, our family owned and operated business has maintained a reputation as one of the most efficient pest control companies in north New Jersey. Our bilingual exterminators undergo weeks, months and years of extensive training and certifications, with re-certifications being scheduled every few years. This ensures that they will be able to answer almost any question you may have about effective pest and animal control methods for your home or business. Each exterminator is additionally licensed individually by the state of New Jersey and maintains education hours to continue to hold that license.

While training is important, Heritage Pest Control strives to make sure that it is the right kind of training for both the customers and the planet. We specifically engage in using only the safest materials possible, and we utilize exclusion methods whenever possible, especially in the instance of humane animal control. Our insecticides are all EPA-approved, and they are only used in the instance that they fall in line with our IPM (integrated pest management) low-impact goals. Our Fairfield technicians will also endeavor to make the most out of the use of natural organic compounds to combat any pest issues and to act as a backup system to any insecticide applications.

Heritage Pest Control: Available Within 24 Hours of Your Initial Call

At Heritage Pest Control, we believe in taking care of a pest or wildlife issue as soon as possible. We strive to schedule a consultation with you within 24 hours of your first point of contact –– meaning that if you have a particularly invasive pest problem, you won’t have to deal with it for extended periods of time ahead of treatment.

Leave pest services to the professionals at Heritage Pest Control. Call us today at 866-666-3120, check out any current seasonal promotions, or visit our contact page to learn more and schedule your free pest inspection.
Heritage Pest Control is the leading source for pest and humane animal treatments in Northern NJ, including Madison, Short Hills, Parsippany, Randolph and Caldwell.