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August Means Hungry Yellow Jackets

Visit any park, playground, picnic, or barbeque and you will likely notice an increase in yellow jacket wasps buzzing around in comparison to previous months report NJ pest control professionals.  Yellow jackets have been hard at work creating their paper-like nests in underground abandoned rodent burrows, tree stumps, wall voids, soffits, or attics.

Wasps do not provide pollination services, but they are beneficial in that they do consume unwanted garden pests like caterpillars, flies, and beetle larvae.  Wasps sting their prey repeatedly before taking them back to the nesting site.  As food supplies become scarce and nests are large, wasps turn to human food as a means of survival.  Wasps are attracted to protein and sweets.  People often encounter wasps while drinking sugary drinks in soda cans or cups, although they do stay away from diet soda as they do not provide any benefit to the wasp community. Keeping trash bins covered at all times will help keep wasps away.  At picnics and barbeques, covering all food sources will also help keep wasps at bay.

The slightest noise or vibration can send these aggressive wasps out in full force as they send alarm pheromones to their nest mates.  Wasps will sting at will for no apparent reason.

A NJ pest control professional can help to locate dangerous wasp nests around your home and help to eliminate them if they are in close proximity to where humans frequent.  Call Heritage Pest Control for expert wasp removal services in New Jersey.

1 comment to August Means Hungry Yellow Jackets

  • Sam Bryks BCE

    the notion in this post that yellowjackets only build nests in these out of site locations and that they are busy at this now is incorrect..
    First, there are different species and some build nests out in open such as in trees, and the same ones build nests at roof underhangs while others build nests hidden as described..
    Second, the high activity now is now due to building nests, but due to the BREAKUP of colonies ….. newly emerged queens have now found hibernation points, and the order in the wasp colonies is disintegrating and workers are foraging for nectar which also brings them into conflict with people when they find sugar in soft drinks or in soft drink cans and they are more aggressive perhaps due to loss of the colony order as colonies cease to exist..
    I am not an expert on wasps, but we do need to learn some basic knowledge of wasp biology to give the correct information.

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