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3 Things You Need to Know About Bed Bug Control

The Bed Bug Problem

The Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs aren’t going away. You may be lucky enough to have avoided bed bugs, but the risk that your luck will eventually run out is real. As an example, in the past week bed bugs have been found at the New York State Office of Mental Health, a Virginia hotel and a Tennessee apartment complex. The locations change each week, but the frequency of reported bed bug infestations seems to remain constant.

Given the pervasiveness of these blood-feeding insects, there are three things you need to know about bed bugs:

  1. Anyone can get bed bugs. These insects are attracted by the human blood on which they feed, not filth or garbage like many other insect pests. Bed bug infestations typically begin when someone who has been in contact with bed bugs brings these adept hitchhikers into a store, hotel room, home or office building on their clothing or hidden in their possessions.
  2. Professional extermination by an experienced, licensed bed bug exterminator is the only way to ensure complete elimination of a bed bug infestation.
  3. Careful preparation of infested areas under the direction of an experienced bed bug inspector and diligent follow up after professional treatment are critical to the successful elimination of bed bug infestations.

Don’t let bed bugs put the bite on you. Call Heritage Pest Control for expert bed bug extermination.

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