Protect Your Home from Insects & Wildlife with Heritage Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Essex CountySometimes all it takes is a few unwelcome insects or animals to create a full-blown infestation in your house. Thankfully, with the expedient pest services from Heritage Pest Control, you can have an exterminator at your home within 24 hours of your first call –– leaving you to get back to enjoying a backyard barbeque without stink bugs, bees or mosquitos.

Heritage Pest Control specializes in residential and commercial pest services, including humane animal control techniques, in the instance that wildlife has entered your home. If you see something scuttling across your kitchen floor, don’t panic. We can handle the following pests:



We additionally can remove less common pests, so if you don’t see your infestation issue listed here, be sure to ask your Heritage Pest Control representative how we can help.

Eco-Friendly Wildlife & Pest Removal

Our humane animal control technicians are well-versed in eco-friendly ways to remove wildlife and pests from your home. Heritage Pest Control’s most popular residential animal treatments include trapping, chimney caps or one-way exit tunnels, which provide a way for the wildlife to leave your home without allowing re-entry.

Wildlife and pest experts will also work with you to discourage future problems around your property, including addressing overgrown shrubbery and foliage, excessive moisture, firewood stored near your home, or pet food that is kept in your garage. If we determine that a pest has done damage to your home, we can help with a selection of tasks, such as gutter repairs or crawl space door installation.

Don’t wait until wildlife and insects are running your home. Call Heritage Pest Control at 866-666-3120 or contact us online to obtain more information or request a free pest inspection for your home.

Heritage Pest Control provides pest and wildlife solutions for homeowners in North Jersey, including Parsippany, Randolph and Morristown, NJ.