Yes, Pests Can Hitch A Ride To Your Home On A Holiday Package

man driving with packages in the passenger seat of a vehicle

Did you know that pests can hitch a ride on the deliveries that are sent to your home? It’s an unsettling thought, especially around the holidays. When you consider how many places a single box goes, it’s understandable how small critters get into packages. Whether it’s dog food, clothing, or kids’ toys, pests can lurk everywhere and then invade your cozy home. Let’s learn more about how insects can hitch a ride on your holiday deliveries and what you can do to be a smart recipient.

Cardboard Boxes Make Great Homes for Critters

Bugs enjoy having warm spots to lay their eggs, and a box makes a great one. Cartons that are used to ship products are typically stored in dark, toasty warehouses. These are prime places for critters to hide and breed. If one of those pests gets into the box that is used to pack your items, they can very easily end up on your doorstep. Boxes make good homes for most small bugs and critters. The cardboard is sturdy and well-insulated, and there are often packing materials to nest in. For example, it’s not uncommon for live adult specimens and egg cases to be mixed in with packing peanuts. Some of the most common insects found in packing materials include roaches, moths, beetles, spiders, and bed bugs.

Preventing Pests From Getting Indoors

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to keep your home safe from moving pests. It may seem extreme, but with the rise in traveling-related bed bug infestations, it’s a good idea to take a few extra precautions this season.

Open Boxes Outside

When you open a cardboard box, do so outside. This way, if you notice any type of pest activity, you can dispose of the box and not bring the critters into your home. If you live in a condo or apartment, open the box in an isolated room.

Keep An Eye Out For Pest Activity

Be aware of potential signs that pests are in the box. Common things to look for include seed-like droppings, insect larva, and egg sacks. If you see anything like this, dispose of the box immediately. Depending on the item, you may want to keep it in the freezer for a few days.

Throw The Box Away

Of course, just because you don’t see any pests doesn’t mean they’re not there. Pests can live under the folds of boxes, and some things are just too small to see. This is why we don’t recommend handing off empty boxes and packing materials to kids – as tempting as it can be. When you have your items, break down the box and store it outside your home.

This season, enjoy your holiday deliveries – and nothing more. If you do happen to notice pest activity in your home, call out the pest control professionals from Heritage Pest Control.

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