Home Remedies Are Largely Ineffective For Eliminating Ant Infestations

group of carpenter ants

Using one of the many easy and affordable methods of home treating a carpenter ant infestation may seem favorable to some New Jersey homeowners. The fact is though, that many of these home remedies for eliminating your ant problem won't provide the punch you need to eliminate the entire colony and may ultimately make your problem worse.

Carpenter ants are plentiful in northern New Jersey and these pests can pose much more of a problem to homeowners than other species of ants. Carpenter ants can do serious structural damage to your home by hollowing out wood beams and supports for nesting. As the carpenter ant colony grows it requires more space and the ants will do more damage to the wood structure of your home to create additional nesting space.

The sprays that you find at your local home improvement center aren't nearly as strong as what is used by licensed New Jersey pest control companies. While the store-bought insecticides may do some minor damage they simply aren't powerful enough to eliminate the entire colony. Following the use of these forms of treatments the colony will almost always repopulate and may move to a different area of your home to nest which will create more damage. Other suggested treatments, like pouring boiling water on the nest, have an even smaller effect on the colony than store-bought sprays. These methods are ineffective in eliminating the problem and, despite the promise of being affordable, will often cost you much more than professional ant treatment from an ant control expert.

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