What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bats On My New Jersey Property?

bat next to a wooden door
There’s no getting around pest control in New Jersey; you need it to defeat insects. Bugs can be very detrimental to your health and belongings. The majority can sting or bite you and spread germs that cause illness. Multiple species can wreck structures or individual items. As worrisome as insects are, wildlife can be more of a threat. It’s especially imperative to have bat control.

Due to the number of relevant incidents, bat control specialists for your Portsmouth home or establishment must visit. Ongoing maintenance is the only way to protect yourself and your assets from these animals. Learn more about them and what Heritage Pest Control can do for you. Our humane bat control tools are top-of-the-line.

What Kind Of Bats Fly Around New Jersey?

Brown bats are the most common in the state. Littler ones are around 2 to 3 inches long. Their skin has a gleam to it, and they have round dark ears. Regarding their wingspan, the open flaps stretch to 8 to 11 inches; bigger bats are 4 to 5 inches. The brownness of their fur is markedly darker, and their ears and feet are black or brown. When they unfold their wings, the length will be 13 inches. All brown bats have two arms and legs. 

Since bats eat insects, properties with poor pest control will be their primary targets. Your place may also be vulnerable if it’s in the proximity of a vegetated or landscaped plot or a body of water. One of the first things to understand about deterrence is how to control bats in the attic because these creatures favor vaulted areas. They’ll violate vents, doors, louvers, facia boards, and chimneys as well. Dim and settled spaces, like belfries, are where they tend to nest; garages, sheds, and outbuildings are other examples. If they’re outside, bats will hide in hollow trees. 

These are signs of infestation:

  • Hearing scratching and squeaking noises
  • Noticing soaring bats when the sun goes down
  • Finding droppings
  • Detecting urine; smells are strong during warm weather

Is It Dangerous To Have Bats Flying Around My Property?

It can’t be emphasized enough that your well-being could be at risk without adequate bat control. These pests are flying hubs for pathogens, bacteria, and parasites. Fungi exist in their excrement that can spark lung disease. You may experience convulsions and psychological interruptions from rabies they could have; bats are known to carry mites and fleas too. If you approach them while they’re feeling defensive, you stand a chance of being bitten. 

What's The Best Way To Humanely Get Rid Of Bats On My Property? 

Retail bat control products and “do it yourself” methods have too many faults. They are pricey, and their level of effectiveness is low. Another problem is that they can be dangerous to employ. At Heritage Pest Control, we have humane bat control techniques. Our solutions are industrial-grade but environmentally friendly. Renewable warranties and recurring appointments are available with our affordable plans. Call today for bat control specialists for your New Jersey home or business! 

How Can I Prevent Bats From Returning To My Property?

How to control bats in your attic and on your land overall is centered around exterior care:  

  • Close the gaps in rooflines and foundations with caulk or steel wool, which bats struggle to chew through.
  • Replace damaged sweeps and screens. Make sure windows and doors are shut tightly.  
  • Put caps on outer vents and covers on chimneys.  
  • Trim the grass and the greenery regularly.  
  • Avoid over-watering the yard and over-planting greenery.

Please don’t bother with flimsy store bat control products; contact us at Heritage Pest Control now! We look forward to removing these foul creatures with the bugs they consume! 

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