Coping With A New Jersey Bed Bug Outbreak

bed bug on a mattress
Bed bugs have all of the traits necessary to sneak into your home and comfortably set up shop to feed on you and your family. These tiny insects can easily latch onto clothing or coats or hide in gym bags or backpacks in order to make their way into your home and once they get in, it's tough to get them out. The insecticide that you can buy locally won't have the same effect on bed bugs as it will on other nuisance pests; in fact, it might even aggravate and spread the infestation. To effectively treat a bed bug outbreak you need to enlist the services of a NJ bed bug exterminator.

Bed bugs are small enough and have the ability to hide just about anywhere. They can lay in wait beneath carpets, behind molding and under outlet and light switch covers, making them virtually impossible to find during daylight hours. Bed bugs have managed to find their way into a wide variety of businesses and residences across New Jersey and New York putting the vast majority of northern New Jersey families at risk. If you belong to a gym, attend college, have kids in elementary school or go to the movies on the weekend you could end up with a serious bed bug infestation in your home.

Though bed bugs aren't identified with the spread of infectious diseases, having them in your home is more than just a nuisance. An ongoing infestation of bed bugs in your New Jersey home can result in more than just a few red, itchy bites. Families who are exposed to an outbreak could suffer plenty of sleepless nights, frustration, and even some psychological trauma. Bed bugs don't need a whole lot of time upon entering your home to become a full-fledged and serious problem. At the first sign of an infestation it's important to take the necessary measures to eliminate these pests and the only way to effectively rid your home of bed bugs is with an exterminator that provides NJ bed bug services.

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