Is One Mouse A Cause For Concern?

mouse on a telephone chord

Much of the information posted online regarding mice and rats is related to infestations. But, what happens if you see just one mouse scampering around your home? Is this a cause for concern, or is this a normal occurrence that is bound to happen from time to time?

If You See One Mouse, There’s Probably More

Typically, when there’s one mouse, there’s more. This is probably why humans have an innate response to attack a single mouse with a broom. Even though one small critter is unlikely to bring harm, a colony can. Subconsciously, we must know that when one mouse has gotten comfortable in the home, there is more waiting around the corner.

Not only will mice chew through your cereal boxes, but also they can be dangerous to human health. More than 10 million people have died over the past 100 years from rodent-borne diseases such as hantavirus, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever and human plague. The more rats and mice there are in the home, the higher the risk of contracting diseases.

Mice Keep A Low Profile For A Reason

Mice are small and abundant, but they also make good prey. They are always being sought out by coyotes, snakes, foxes, birds, and spiders, which is why they live in secluded, sheltered areas. In the wild, these areas might be in an underground burrow. In the home, this could mean your attic or walls. While mice will come out of their nests during the day, they generally stay very close and travel subtly along walls and baseboards. It’s not until night when they look for food.

Because mice are incredibly cautious, many people don’t know they have them until they see signs of an infestation, such as gnaw marks, mouse droppings, and ruffled food. So, if you see a mouse running around, chances are it’s not lost or confused. There is probably a large community nearby. Often, it’s the weaker mice that go out hunting for food during the day because they are less of a liability.

One Mouse Warrants An Exterminator Check

There’s no reason to panic if you recently spotted a single mouse in the home, but you should take it seriously. Call in a certified pest control company to have a look and identify the severity of the situation. If you have a nest full of mice, wouldn’t you want to know? A company like Heritage Pest Control always follows safe, humane practices such as wildlife exclusion. We will do the same for your home while also ensuring that the pests don’t return for a second visit.

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