What To Do If You Find Swarmers In Your Bergen County House

swarmers on the ground

Termite and carpenter ant colonies will be swarming soon. Swarmers are winged reproductives produced when colonies become too crowded for available resources. Charged with expanding the colony, these specialized insects crawl from their nests to the surface, where they pair up and fly off to mate and establish new colonies.

Outdoor Swarmers

When nests are located underground or in foundation wood, Bergen County, NJ homeowners may discover puddles of what look like winged ants milling around on the ground in lawn or garden areas. When outdoors, congregations of swarmers are usually found not far from foundation walls or whatever structure or tree they have infested.

Indoor Swarmers

However, sometimes swarmers emerge inside homes. When this occurs, West Essex County homeowners may find winged ants battering against windows or doors trying to escape into the outdoors. Discarded wings may also be discovered littering window sills or floors in entry areas. After mating, males die but females bite off their wings and burrow in to begin new colonies. Like milling congregations of winged reproductives, discarded wings are another clear sign of termite or carpenter ant activity in your home.

What To Do

If you find swarmers or evidence of swarming activity near or in your home, contact a professional Bergen County, NJ exterminator immediately. The discovery of swarmers on your property is a clear indication that your home is under attack by termites or carpenter ants.

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