Where Are These Mysterious Bug Bites Coming From?

bug bite on woman's neck

As pest management professionals, we are sometimes asked to identify the cause of bug bites. We realize that waking up with bites on your body is extremely frustrating. Your bed is your safe place, so what’s biting you? Is it bed bugs or something else? Will the problem go away on its own, or do you need to bring in a pest control service?

Types Of Bugs That Bite Humans

Though there are many different types of insects, only a few bite humans, and fewer use us as their primary host. If you are waking up with unidentified bites on your arms, legs or torso, it’s probably one of the bugs below:

  • Bed Bugs - Red, splotchy bites that look like mosquito bites.
  • Bird Mites - Small, itchy, raised bites.
  • Chigger Mites - Large, red, and very itchy bites.
  • Biting Midges - Small, red, and very itchy bites.
  • Fleas - Red, itchy bites that are usually around the ankles.
  • Lice - Red, itchy bites that can be located on the scalp, neck, head, or groin.
  • Black Flies - Small to large bites that resemble mosquito bites.
  • Mosquitoes - Red, itchy bumps.
  • Scabies Mites - Red bumps, very itchy, sometimes with burrows.
  • Ticks - Usually found attached to the skin with a red circle and a bite.

Other Causes Of Red, Itchy Bites

It’s possible that you can get small, itchy bumps from other factors, such as food or environmental allergies. Allergies are much more likely to cause these reactions than bug bites. It’s also possible that your skin may be reacting to a chemical in your cleaning products, a medication you’re taking or even stress.

Identifying The Culprit

If you believe that pesky bugs are responsible for your bites, it’s best to call in insect control. You don’t know what you’re dealing with, so it’s difficult to come up with a proper treatment. Using the wrong treatment can make things worse, costing you time, money and lost sleep in the long run.

A professional technician will inspect your home and sleeping area. With the right equipment and a trained eye, it’s hopeful that the specific pest can be identified. This way, the correct treatment can be administered on the spot, and you can be that much closer to a pest-free home!

Choosing a pest control company like Heritage Pest Control ensures that your home gets a treatment that is environmentally friendly. We are also happy to provide you with education on how to prevent future pest problems.

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