Help! I Have A Carpenter Ant Problem In New Jersey

carpenter ant crawling on tree bark

You’ve likely heard of termites and the damage they can cause when they invade homes and businesses, but other wood-destroying insects can also cause significant issues. One of these species is the invasive carpenter ant.

These ants can look quite similar to many other ant species in New Jersey, but they are more than just a nuisance. They can both get into food sources and tunnel into wooden objects to build their nests. Because of all the issues carpenter ants can cause, our team at Heritage Pest Control has put together this valuable guide, so you know what to do if facing a carpenter ant infestation in your New Jersey home.  

Signs Of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are dark brown to black ants about half an inch long and have segmented antennae. But, it can be challenging to identify carpenter ants based solely on their description because they look like many other common ants. Instead, it’s often more practical to look for other signs of carpenter ant activity, such as:

  • Finding small pinhole openings on the surface of wooden items
  • Discovering sawdust-like shavings around wooden objects
  • Noticing that floorboards have started to squeak and buckle
  • Seeing that doors and windows fit more tightly in their frames.

If you do notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to reach out to home pest control experts for an inspection. 

The Extent Of Damage Carpenter Ants Can Do To Your Property

Carpenter ants in New Jersey can be very destructive, but there is one key difference between them and termites. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood while termites do; instead, they create tunnels to nest. They eat other food items and will often infest pantries and cupboards if they get a chance. 

Like with termites, carpenter ant damage can take a while to show up. But, by the time you notice signs of carpenter ants, you may still need to make repairs as they tunnel through the wood on the inside. Over time, carpenter ants can destroy things like decks, flooring, siding, support beams, and more. So, it’s important to remain proactive and seek out ant prevention services from Heritage Pest Control.

How To Completely Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Don't try to remove them yourself if you even suspect you are dealing with carpenter ants. While DIY pest control options might eradicate some ants, removing the entire infestation without assistance is challenging. Because these ants are so invasive and can create large colonies inside wooden structures, it almost always takes specialized ant removal methods to get rid of them.

How To Keep Carpenter Ants From Coming Back

If you don’t have carpenter ants or are just looking to prevent further infestations, the best prevention and control services are at Heritage Pest Control. We can also help you prevent carpenter ants in the future. Here is what we suggest:

  • Storing pet food inside the house.
  • Cleaning up food and drink spills right away.
  • Treating wooden items with paint or stains.
  • Removing water-damaged wood from your property.

Contact us today to request a quote for more help with New Jersey pest control to remove carpenter ants.