The Problem With Nuisance Wildlife In New Jersey

raccoon up close

Not all problematic pests are tiny critters that slip through cracks and can hide within your walls. Some pests pass through properties because our towns are built near wilderness areas where they naturally live. This wildlife can damage our properties, root through our trash cans, and even be driven to nest in local yards for easy access to these resources. 

To avoid this, you need wildlife control in New Jersey that keeps animals out and provides superior protection for your property. Turn to Heritage Pest to learn how we keep many kinds of common wildlife pests at bay. 

Common Types Of Wildlife That Invade New Jersey Properties

Turning to a wildlife expert is important because we are familiar with all kinds of pests that commonly cause problems for local properties. At Heritage Pest, we treat wildlife pests including: 

  • Raccoons: As far as wildlife species that have thrived alongside human civilization go, raccoons may be the prime example. They know that they can find all the food they need in our garbage, so they emerge in neighborhoods to root through trash every night.
  • Skunks: Skunks can also wander through properties and lead to stinky consequences, especially if you have pets that might startle them into using their spraying defense mechanism.
  • Bats: Bats can be difficult to remove because they hunker down in dark, hard-to-reach areas. Their droppings can lead to property damage. 

If you have problems with these kinds of wildlife, or if you want to take steps to make sure your property is protected against invasions, turn to Heritage Pest today. 

The Dangers Nuisance Wildlife Brings

If nuisance wildlife is already causing you problems, it’s important to turn directly to professionals. Pests don’t just lead to minor inconveniences; they can also impact your health and the health of your loved ones. Heritage Pest provides prompt and effective local wildlife removal in New Jersey to all kinds of property owners, so contact us right away if you have an infestation. 

How To Choose The Right Wildlife Control Partner For Your Business

Commercial properties especially have to worry about wildlife, not only the ways they can impact business but also the ways that business attracts them in the first place. Whether you own a warehouse or a restaurant, there are factors in every property that can draw wildlife to breed, feed, or hide there. 

Once this happens, wildlife can lead to damage and other factors that impact your bottom line and hurt your growth. Heritage Pest provides wildlife pest control for local businesses in New Jersey so they never have to worry about the effects wildlife can have. Partner with us today. 

Wildlife-Proofing Your Property: Effective Prevention Methods

So many property owners make the mistake of only responding to wildlife concerns once they’re already problematic. The best thing you can do is lower your risk and be proactive. With help from Heritage Pest, you can take all of the following prevention methods: 

  • Exclusion: Most fencelines and decorative plants that surround our properties aren’t designed with pest control in mind. Experts can install exclusion systems that keep wildlife out.
  • Trash storage: The food waste in your garbage can is probably the key attractant of all kinds of wildlife, so storing your bags in heavily lidded receptacles that aren’t easy to access is important.
  • Monitoring stations: The other wildlife control measure that’s effective is installing monitoring systems that can clue you into wildlife activity early on. 

Don’t wait for wildlife to pose risks to you and your property before you take proper pest control seriously. Get started right away so you always stay protected. 

Let Heritage Pest help with wildlife control near you.

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