Tips To Keep Your New Jersey Lawn Mosquito-Free In Summer

mosquito on a leaf

It’s that time of year again! The flowers are blooming, the weather is warm, and every time you step outside you get accosted by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. If that’s been your reality this spring, you may be dreading summer, as it’s sure to only get worse before it gets better. Or will it? These tips to keep your New Jersey lawn mosquito-free in summer will help make going outside enjoyable again.

Why Your Lawn Is Covered In Mosquitoes

Before you can prevent them, it helps to understand why your New Jersey lawn has such a large mosquito population to begin with. Mosquitoes die off every fall, but before they do, the females lay eggs that can survive the cold winter. In spring, as soon as the weather gets warm enough and rainfall covers the eggs, they hatch.

Once mature, new mosquitoes start repopulating yards. To repopulate, there must be standing water. Mosquito eggs cannot hatch without standing water to cover them. But it doesn’t have to be much; even an inch will work if conditions are right.

Tips To Keep Your New Jersey Lawn Mosquito-Free In Summer

The best thing you can do to reduce mosquito populations on your lawn is to reduce the amount of water on your lawn. You may not think you have a lot of water, but since mosquitoes need such a small amount, there may be areas you haven’t considered that are acting as breeding grounds. The following areas often have standing water:

  • Clogged gutters.
  • Pet dishes that aren’t changed regularly.
  • Bird baths that aren’t changed regularly.
  • Children’s toys left out on the lawn.
  • Low spots in the lawn or driveway.
  • Pool or hot tub covers that aren’t pulled tight, allowing water to pool.
  • Gardens that are over-watered.
  • Planter pots that allow water to collect at the bottom.
  • Overgrown areas that don’t allow the sun to dry the ground beneath them.

What To Do If Mosquitoes Are Still A Problem

Sometimes even when you’ve dried up as much of your lawn as possible, you still have more mosquitoes than you want in your yard. When that’s the case, contact Heritage Pest Control. We offer mosquito control services that treat not only the breeding grounds but also the areas where adult mosquitoes spend their days. This dual approach eliminates mosquitoes in all stages of development, making your lawn a much nicer place to spend your time. Contact Heritage to set up an appointment today.

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