Why It Is So Hard To Keep Raccoons Away From New Jersey Homes

raccoon coming into a house through a window

Raccoons invading your New Jersey home and yard can seem like an impossible enemy to defeat, but this critter can be controlled. Reach out to pest control in New Jersey to find out how to control and prevent infestations of this pest.

Why Raccoons Love Urban Areas 

Many individuals know raccoons as trash-invading critters that look like they are masked bandits up to no good. This pest is commonly seen in urban areas and is generally suited for life around cities or other human-populated areas due to its body size. Their keen sense of smell helps them detect food, and their hands can open doors or containers (such as trash cans). Raccoons are also omnivores, which allows them to feed on almost anything and benefits them with the regularly changing landscape of an urban area. 

Urban areas present easy access to the essentials for raccoons; easy access to water, food, and shelter making these areas prime living targets for this pest.

Why Raccoons Pose A Public Health Concern 

Even though some people may think that raccoons are cute and generally harmless, this pest can pose several health concerns and may be dangerous to encounter. Raccoons carry diseases like rabies and raccoon roundworms, which can be transmitted to humans or pets via a bite or coming into contact with a contaminated area that a raccoon has passed through. Raccoon feces or urine around your property may also carry these same health risks and should be avoided.

Four Eco-Friendly Raccoon Prevention Tips For Around The Home 

To deter raccoons from infesting your yard, you can implement the following prevention tactics:

  • Protecting your trash is one of the best things you can do to deter raccoons. Make sure to tightly seal the trash and use cans with lockable lids to stop this pest from scavenging.
  • Remove all access to food around your yard by reducing access to outdoor pet food at nighttime, covering compost piles, and cleaning up all outdoor food and drink spills.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris such as fallen fruit and branches and the grass trimmed down low. Also, trim back overgrown hedges and foliage to reduce raccoon hiding places.
  • If possible, fence off your garden to keep raccoons out of it. You can also put into place scare tactics, such as motion-detecting sprinklers or lights.

Contact The Pros For Safe And Effective Wildlife Control 

If you’re experiencing an active raccoon infestation and need an effective, safe way to get rid of this pest, your first step should be reaching out to Heritage Pest Control. Our experts at Heritage Pest Control can thoroughly inspect your property and identify the raccoon problem areas. Then our professionals will customize a raccoon treatment plan for your New Jersey home that will consider your exact pest control needs.

With the help of our specialists at Heritage Pest Control, we will take care of your raccoon problem in no time, and you can relax when you are out and about in your yard any time of the day or night.

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