What Pompton Plains Property Owners Ought To Know About Yellow Jacket Control

yellow jacket on wood

It’s not unusual for Pompton Plains residents to see yellow jackets buzzing about. And while you don’t need to duck for cover every time you see one, the insect can cause some problems. Find out everything you should know about keeping yellow jackets away from your property.

All About Yellow Jackets

In the United States, there are about 16 species of yellow jackets and many more species of bees and wasps. Pompton Plains property owners are likely to come across only one species of yellow jacket - the Eastern yellow jacket.

Yellow jackets have black and yellow stripes on their bodies and have small waists. Typically, they are found outdoors. That said, they sometimes go to homes in search of food or shelter.

You can identify yellow jackets by their nest. If you find a paper-like nest hanging from your eaves or tree, you may be looking at a yellow jacket nest. They are social insects, so the colony won’t be small.

Yellow Jackets: The Good And Bad

Yellow jackets aren’t all bad. They do pollinate a little, although they aren’t as good at pollinating as many other wasps and bees. However, they do have another significant benefit to homeowners. They eat other insects, and in doing so, limit the population of common pests on your property.

As you may already know, there are risks to having yellow jackets around. Each insect has a stinger that contains venom. If you’re allergic to the venom, the consequences could be deadly. Even if the result isn’t fatal, you may experience difficulty breathing and hives.

Those who have no allergies to yellow jackets are also in danger. The insect has a painful sting that causes swelling and pain. But the real danger comes from the number of stings you might receive. Typically, one yellow jacket stings multiple times. After a few stings, you could develop a negative reaction.

Keeping Them Away From Your Property

You should do everything in your power to prevent yellow jackets from building nests on your property. With these tips, you can deter yellow jackets:

1. Check Your Eaves: Yellow jackets like to build nests in eaves. While there’s not much you can do to prevent this from happening, you can identify nests before they are finished. Once you do, call a professional to remove the nests.

2. Keep Your Shrubs And Gardens Tidy: If you have a lush garden, yellow jackets will be drawn to your home. Insects love gardens, and yellow jackets love eating the bugs in your garden. To prevent yellow jackets from building nests on your property, keep your garden tidy. The same goes for your trees and shrubs. You should also keep your garden as far from your home as possible. The closer it is to your residence, the more likely it is that you’ll find yellow jackets inside your home.

3. Keep Your Trash Cans Covered: When your outdoor trash can doesn’t close properly, it attracts all sorts of insects. Yellow jackets see that as a free buffet and will invade your property. To prevent this from happening, you should have a trash can that has a tight lid.

4. Seal Up Your Screens: No one wants a yellow jacket nest on their porch or patio. If you want to keep them from nesting near your home, seal up your screens. Repair holes and gaps in your screens before insects can get in.

5. Hire A Professional: If you find a yellow jacket nest in your yard, you should act quickly. Don’t try to remove it yourself, or you could become the victim of a painful sting. For safe nest removal or more prevention assistance, contact the professionals at Heritage Pest Control.

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