Before You Have Your Yard Sprayed For Mosquitoes, Try These Tips

mosquitoes flying away from plant tree

It’s that time of the year again. Mosquitoes. While you probably expect to run into mosquitoes in certain places, your backyard shouldn’t be one of them. We often receive calls from customers at this time of the year wondering what they can do to decrease mosquito activity. Here in New Jersey, we wait a long time for these beautiful summer nights, so you deserve to enjoy them!

The most effective way to deal with mosquitoes and the deadly diseases they bring along is to have your yard sprayed by a mosquito exterminator. Before taking this step, we always recommend trying to reduce mosquito populations on your own. These steps can be extremely effective, especially when combined with spraying. Below we share the best ways to reduce mosquitoes in your backyard. Before long, you can enjoy beautiful starry night skies!

Reduce Breeding Sites

If you want to stop mosquitoes from taking over, eliminate their breeding sites. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. About three days later, the eggs hatch. Twelve days later, the adults emerge. Each female mosquito can lay up to 400 eggs. It’s no wonder why mosquitoes take over so quickly! Target potential breeding sites around your yard. These sites are often found in rain gutters, potholes, old tires, bird baths, kids’ swimming pools, and outdoor flower pots. Dump out the water and keep it clean going forward by changing the water every week. This will kill off the mosquito larvae.

Control Grass And Shrubs

Mosquitoes breed in water but they like to hang out in grass and shrubs. Don’t make your lawn attractive for these pests! Keep your grass 5 inches long or less. The mosquitoes will live, but they won’t choose your backyard to settle in. If there are parts of your yard that you cannot mow this low, keep things like swing sets and patio tables away from these areas.

Use Mosquito-Repellent Plants

Could your yard use a few new plants? Choose them wisely. Certain plants naturally repel mosquitoes. They aren’t an end-all solution, but they can help you keep mosquitoes at bay. Great options include citronella grass, basil, and lemongrass. Mosquitoes don’t like these plants, so they tend to stay away. A well-trimmed yard and some of these plants can make a noticeable difference.

Install Mosquito Killers

You can find a wide variety of mosquito zappers, magnets, and traps online or from your local hardware store. These devices attract mosquitoes and kill them upon contact. Zappers and traps aren’t a long-term solution, but they can help you enjoy your patio or deck on a summer night. For added protection, try a citronella candle, tiki torches, or bug spray in addition to your mosquito killers.

It’s hard to get rid of mosquitoes completely, but the tips above will help you gain control of the problem. If you need to move on to spraying for ultimate peace of mind and outdoor comfort, contact Heritage Pest Control.

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