Benefits Of Professional Rodent Control In Fairfield, NJ

mouse next to fruit on the ground outside

Are you a fan of the cold? Does snowy weather and having to bundle up before going outside bring you joy? Regardless of whether it does or not, we can all agree that coming inside after being out in the cold is a good feeling. Stripping off cold wet jackets and boots to stand on a warm floor vent or next to a crackling fireplace is a pleasant experience. The same goes for rodents. As the weather cools down outside, they will be looking for these comforts inside our Fairfield homes. The question is, are they going to find their way into your home?

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

As sneaky as rodents are, they are not great at covering their tracks. Holes chewed through walls, grease marks smeared on baseboards, pellets of fecal matter found in drawers and cabinets, scampering sounds coming from wall and ceiling voids late at night, and compromised food packages are all common signs that rodents have gotten into your home. Some other things you can look out for is when outlets and lights randomly lose power. This could indicate that wires are being chewed inside your wall voids.

The Dangers Of Rodents

As we already mentioned, rodents can chew through walls, electrical wiring, and other important things causing trouble within the structure of your home. In addition to this, rodents are known vectors for a variety of dangerous diseases such as salmonellosis, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever. They can spread these diseases through their excrement and through bacteria in their bodies. (When cleaning up after rodents, be sure to use protective gear such as rubber gloves and a facemask, to avoid getting sick.)

6 Prevention Tips For Rodents

  1. Keep your yard clean of debris to limit shelter opportunities for rodents.
  2. Make sure your trashcans have tight-fitting lids so rodents cannot scavenge through them.
  3. Look for any gaps or cracks bigger than a dime in your home’s foundations. Seal these up using wire mesh and a caulking gun.
  4. Pick up pet food and water bowls after pets are done using them to avoid accidentally feeding rodents.
  5. Repackage food stored in cardboard boxes inside plastic containers. Store leftover food in the same way.
  6. Clean regularly and thoroughly, making sure no scraps of food or drink spills are left out for rodents to scavenge.

The less accessible and attractive your home is to rodents, the less likely you will have a rodent problem this winter.

How To Deal With Rodents If They Get Indoors

Once rodents get inside, it usually means they are there for good. If you can catch them early enough before their populations explode, you might be able to stop them using a few carefully placed traps. If a couple of weeks go by, and you are still seeing signs of rodents despite your traps, we highly recommend giving us a call here at Heritage Pest Control. We will send one of our pest professionals your way ASAP with a quick solution to your rodent problem. It only takes a few rodents to turn into hundreds before the winter ends.

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