What's The Buzz About Ground-Nesting Bees In New Jersey?

ground bee on a leaf

Bees are not the worst pests in New Jersey. In fact, some people would argue that bees are more friend than foe since they play a crucial role in pollinating plants. We think this entirely depends on the species and where they decide to build their nests. Whether you like or dislike bees, we can all agree that they become pests when they build their nests on or around our properties. To help you better understand bees and their pros and cons, here are some things to consider today and some methods to deter these insects from settling down on your New Jersey property.

What Attracts Ground Bees To Your Property?

Before we talk about how to get rid of ground bees, let’s discuss what draws bees onto properties. One thing that all ground bees love and need to survive is food. What do bees eat? If you didn't know, bees collect pollen and nectar from flowering plants. This includes milkweed, dandelions, clover, goldenrod, and many different species of fruit trees. The more of these plants you have on your property, the more likely bees will be to build nests nearby.

Nesting Habits Of Ground Bees

One thing we are asked often is: which bees live in the ground? In New Jersey, the most common species of ground bees are honey bees. These insects like to build in secluded/open spaces. You might find a honey bee hive inside an abandoned burrow, within a hollow pillar, or in similar locations around your property. If you cannot see a nest but notice an influx of bees nearby, watch them from a distance for a bit. You might get lucky and see where they are nesting based on what they disappear into. Something you should know about honey bees is that they are not as territorial as other stinging pests. The only time honey bees sting humans is when they feel you are a direct threat to their queen or if you have trapped one against a part of your body. 

If you are ever stung by a single honey bee, do not panic. Keep the stung part of your body still and allow the bee to wiggle itself free. This will reduce the chances of a stinger being left lodged inside your skin and in turn reduce the amount of venom that is injected into your body. If you are at risk of being stung by multiple bees, getting out of the area is more important.

Ways To Deter Ground-Nesting Bees 

Sometimes deterring ground-nesting bees is easy. Other times it requires a good amount of effort. To make things simple for you, here is how to control bees in New Jersey using DIY strategies:

  • Fill in holes around your property. This includes burrows made by ground pests.
  • Deter ground pests by installing a fence around your yard.
  • Remove flowers and other budding plants from your property.
  • Keep an eye out for bees' nests and call for professional help when needed.

Gentle Pest Control For Ground Bee Removal In New Jersey

Honey bees are incredibly beneficial insects. At Heritage Pest Control, we do not eliminate these pests. Instead, we use relocation strategies to remove hives from properties. Bees don’t have to live on your property to be a huge benefit to our ecosystem. By relocating these insects to a place where they won’t cause problems, we are helping you and our environment. 

Call now if you have any unanswered questions about how to keep away ground bees or if you would like to schedule your property for a pest control service visit. We know how to control bees in New Jersey and would be happy to lend a helping hand.

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