A Guide To Squirrel Deterrence And Exclusion In New Jersey

gray squirrel

Squirrels might be fun to watch when they are running around in a park or another public area. However, when they decide to hang around your property, it can cause a plethora of problems. 

Squirrels can pose serious risks to your health and can also cause extensive damage to your home. At Heritage Pest Control, we offer squirrel control solutions and squirrel removal near you. Our team of professionals knows the best way to minimize squirrel damage around your home and keep these pesky wildlife creatures away from your property for good. 

Habits And Behaviors Of Squirrels

Squirrels are a type of rodent. While they may look different from the other common troublesome rodents, like mice and rats, they share many of the same habits and behaviors as the other animals in their class. 

For example, like most rodents, squirrels like to build nests in dark areas that are safe from human and animal activity. They can build their nests from any soft material, such as leaves, grass, cardboard, insulation, fur, and tree bark. They typically build their nest on a high point in a tree. However, if the weather is too cold, or they can’t find a safe nesting place in their natural habitat, they will look for a hiding place in a building or other structure. If a squirrel decides to build a nest in your home, they will usually choose the attic or another area out of the way. They have sharp claws and teeth that can tear and gnaw through a variety of tough materials. 

They are also extremely athletic and agile. Our squirrel removal team has seen these creatures use their sharp claws to quickly run up vertical surfaces. They can also jump a far distance as well and can squeeze their bodies through a variety of tight spaces. Because of their impressive agility, there aren’t too many places off-limits to a squirrel. 

The Diseases Squirrels Are Capable Of Spreading

Like most rodents, squirrels carry and spread a variety of dangerous diseases. If they leave their urine and feces around your home, they could spread salmonellosis, tularemia, and leptospirosis. While it is rare, they are also known to spread rabies. 

If you see a squirrel, you should never try to make contact with it. Instead, call our local squirrel removal service and let us safely remove it from your property for you. 

Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips

The best squirrel control method starts with a comprehensive prevention plan. If you want to deter squirrels away from your property, some things you can try include:

  • Remove bird feeders from your property or replace your existing bird feeders with ones that have a squirrel-proof design.
  • Remove any tree branches that are close to your house.
  • Keep a tight lid on your outdoor trash cans.
  • Use wire mesh and other gnaw-proof materials to seal gaps or entry points around your home. 

Squirrels are sneaky and stealthy creatures. If you suspect these pests have been looking around your home, you should have your entire property inspected by a qualified squirrel exterminator. 

Squirrel Control Done Right: Contact The Experts Today!

Don’t let squirrels destroy your home and cause a lot of costly repairs. Instead, call the professionals at Heritage Pest Control at the first sign of a squirrel invasion on your property. 

We provide fast and safe squirrel removal in New Jersey and can also work with you to help prevent these pests from returning to your yard in the future. Call us today!