How To Effectively Deter Raccoons From Your New Jersey Property

close up of 2 raccoons
Here in New Jersey, residents are no strangers to those “furry bandits” known as raccoons. These critters prefer to live in forested areas near bodies of water or other water sources. However, when food, water, and shelter sources become scarce, raccoons will make their way into your yard, attic, and other areas of your property to survive and protect their young. 

As raccoons can pose serious threats to your health and property, finding a trusted and reliable pest control company for safe and effective removal is very important.

At Heritage Pest Control, we’ve served the homes and businesses of New Jersey for over 30 years with quality residential and commercial pest control services. If you’ve discovered raccoons getting too comfortable on your property, trust Heritage Pest Control, a New Jersey pest control company for expert wildlife removal.

Raccoons Are More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Them

You may hear this phrase when talking about squirrels or mice, but you may be surprised to see this statement used to describe the temperament of raccoons.

Raccoons in New Jersey can be aggressive and bite, typically when they feel threatened or infected by rabies. Believe it or not, these critters are just naturally cautious as they’re preyed upon by larger predators. So when they see humans, their instincts kick in to either run away or become aggressive out of fear.

If you ever encounter a raccoon, never approach it. Remember, these animals are wild despite their friendly and cuddly appearance. Your first action should be to call an advanced wildlife removal company in New Jersey.

Sounds That Scare Raccoons

If you’re anything like many New Jersey residents, you’ve woken up to the sounds of raccoons knocking over your trash cans. These furry creatures are opportunistic and take full advantage of rummaging through your trash in search of food. The good news is that you can easily deter raccoons safely and humanely with methods as simple as sounds and noises. Below, you’ll find a list of sounds and noises you can incorporate in and around your property to keep raccoons away:

  • Recordings of other animal sounds
  • Firecrackers
  • Banging of pots and pans
  • Wind chimes

These sound deterrents temporarily keep raccoons at bay to prevent them from spreading their feces and urine around your property. Contact Heritage Pest Control for permanent wildlife control on your New Jersey property.

Are Raccoons Dangerous To Humans And Pets?

Raccoons can be dangerous to humans and pets. If you encounter a raccoon that feels threatened, is protecting its young, or is infected with disease, it will use its sharp teeth and claws to attack. Those reasons alone are why it’s so important not to approach raccoons if you see them around your property and to also not leave your pets unattended in an area that raccoons frequent.

The health risks associated with raccoons include but are not limited to salmonellosis, giardiasis, rabies, and leptospirosis. Seek medical attention immediately if you or your pet gets attacked by a raccoon.

Wildlife Control Made Easy For New Jersey Residents

Raccoons on your property aren’t the most welcomed visitors but getting rid of them isn’t a daunting process. Prevention is key, and eliminating food sources will play a big part in keeping them away.

For safe and effective raccoon removal, call the experts at Heritage Pest Control. We will thoroughly inspect your property, identify the source of what’s attracting raccoons to your property, and safely and humanely remove them.

Contact Heritage Pest Control today to learn more about our services or to schedule an inspection of your New Jersey property.

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