When Is The Best Time To Spray For Bugs

PCO spraying pest treatment on the bottom of window
Pests increase when the temperatures warm up, either because they are breeding faster or waking up from dormancy. Now that we are seeing the first signs of spring here in New Jersey, you might be wondering when you will see spiders, ladybugs, ants, and flies invading your quiet home again. In fact, you may have even seen some signs of activity over the past couple of weeks!

The good news is that you can maintain control of your home by having it sprayed for pests. But, when exactly is the best time to have your home sprayed? Should you do it in spring when the temperatures are mild, or should you wait until it’s closer to summer? Let’s discuss the best time to have your home sprayed, why this is the case, and how often it should be done.

Ideal Season For Pest Spray Treatments

The best time to have your home sprayed is in early spring. By spraying in the spring, you have the opportunity to destroy nests and colonies when pest numbers are low. The treatment has less work to do, making it more effective and longer lasting. Usually, one treatment is enough. If you wait until you start seeing an abundance of pests, we will have more work to do in controlling the infestations.

That said, it’s never too late to spray for pests. If it’s summer and you notice that your home is seeing more spiders, ants, and beetles than in the past, you can have your home sprayed and see effective results. Pest control services use highly advanced ingredients, equipment, and techniques to kill pests and colonies.

How Often Should Your Home Be Sprayed

The next question we get from customers is how often their homes should be sprayed. As long as you have no new infestations or pest problems, your home only needs to be treated once a year, preferably at the same time in early spring. Keeping on top of these pest spray treatments will keep your pest numbers low and allow you to enjoy your home year-round.

Of course, if you notice new problems or an increase in pest activity, call your pest management professional to check things out. It’s possible that you need another treatment. And, it should be noted that these spray treatments don’t protect against all pests. Usually, they cover all "crawling" bugs, except for carpenter ants, bed bugs, fleas, and termites.

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