Keeping Rodents Out Of Your New Jersey Restaurant

rat eating food on a plate

Every restaurant owner knows that rodents are bad for business. When have you ever heard of a pack of rats being found in a kitchen where the establishment wasn’t shut down, or at least closed for several weeks? There is no way around it; nothing good has ever come from a rodent infestation in a place that makes and sells food. The question is, is your restaurant inviting unwanted furry patrons? And if so, what can you do to stop them? Let’s find out now.

What Invites Rodents Into Your New Jersey Restaurant?

Rodents are invasive pests for one reason, and one reason alone. Our New Jersey homes and businesses provide a better living environment for them than anywhere out in the wild. Anywhere that provides drinking water, food, and harborage from the rough weather outside is perfect for rodents looking for a new home. The thing is, your restaurant could be providing all of these things. Your stores of food are their meal plan, your wall voids their shelter, your leaky pipes their water cooler. Your establishment could be a paradise for rodents. And this time of year, it is probably the warmest place around.

The Problems That Come With A Rodent Infestation

You already know that rodents are bad for business, but do you know why? Rodents are some of the most dangerous pests around and they are even more problematic when allowed to roam freely in an establishment that prepares and sells food. Rodents are disease spreaders that can contaminate food, food-preparation stations, and eating surfaces. With some pretty serious diseases under their belts such as salmonellosis, hantavirus, and plague, this could mean serious harm to your dinner guests as well as your reputation.

Rodents can also cause problems with their teeth. You have heard of mice and rats chewing holes through walls, but did you know that the damage doesn’t always start there? It is not uncommon for a rodent to chew through some very important things within buildings such as electrical wiring, air condition units, and utility piping. This could lead to severe damage given the right circumstances, including broken appliances, electrical fires, or water damage which could lead to termite infestation. We do not have to tell you why these things would be bad for your business.

Practices That Can Be Implemented To Keep Out Rodents

We have been asked many questions on keeping rodents out of restaurants. To help you keep your establishment safe, we are going to answer a few of the most common rodent control questions right now:

“How do you stop a kitchen pest infestation?"

Rodents want to get into your kitchen for the food scraps your chefs leave behind. The way you can prevent this is with a thorough cleaning after your last service of the night. Make sure the floor under appliances is cleaned and no leftover food is left out for rodents to find.

“What is the best way to keep rodents out of food rooms?”

First off, any food kept in a lock-in freezer or fridge will be safe from rodents. For food that isn’t kept in the cold, make sure it can not be easily reached by rodents. We recommend storing dry foods inside plastic or metal containers or in areas where rodents cannot gain access such as in a sealed metal cupboard or cabinet.

“What is the best way to prevent a pest infestation in a restaurant?”

When it comes to your restaurant as a whole, there are some things you can do on your own to keep rodents out such as keeping doors closed, sealing holes and gaps in your foundation and around utility piping, making sure all food waste is disposed of properly, and installing screens over exterior vents.

To go above and beyond, implement full rodent control services courtesy of Heritage Pest Control. We can take your protection to the next level and ensure your business stays rodent-free, year-round. No extra hassle for you, no uncertainty, just results, plain and simple.

To find out more about our comprehensive pest control plans, or to schedule services for your New Jersey restaurant, give us a call today.

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