Apartment Living And Pest Control

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Apartment living is convenient and affordable. It also means that you have to share your space with other people. However, this isn’t always a bad thing. If you need to borrow a cup of sugar, there’s always someone to ask. But, as you know, people have different ways of living and various standards for what is considered “clean”. This is one of the main reasons why apartment complexes are some of the hardest structures to maintain when it comes to pest control.

Why Apartments And Pests Don’t Mix (Yet Always Do!)

It’s understandable why apartment complexes have problems with pest control. There are people coming in and out all the time, increasing the chances for pests. It’s also difficult to encourage consistent sanitation procedures. Not everyone is diligent about taking out their trash, keeping food in sealed containers, or inspecting luggage when returning from vacation. Unfortunately, once pests get into an apartment building, they are difficult to get rid of. In a single-family home, it’s easier to identify where the problem is coming from. It’s also easier to work with the homeowners to prevent future issues. Homeowners don’t want pests in their homes, so they are generally very willing to seal up gaps and cracks, place tight lids on their garbage cans, and vacuum regularly.

What Happens If I Notice Signs Of Pests?

If you do end up with pests in your apartment, the first step is to call your landlord. If the problem isn’t with your unit, the pest control measures won’t be fully effective. Detective work is needed to determine where the pest problem is coming from. Apartment units share walls, floors, and utilities, so pests can easily move from one place to the next. Many residents also leave their doors and windows open and have potted plants on their balconies. Pest problems can literally come from anywhere. To fix the infestation, the root of the problem needs to be determined.

Who Is Responsible For Pest Control – Landlords Or Tenants?

Landlords are sometimes responsible for the cost of pest control because they must maintain properties that are in “livable” condition. However, landlords are not responsible if the tenants created the pest problem due to their behaviors or actions. Either way, notify your landlord immediately so they can either cover pest control costs or require one of their tenants to take care of the problem.

The cost of pest control can cause tension between landlords and tenants. If you are facing a similar situation, call Heritage Pest Control and we can advise you on the best solution.

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