Why Professional Bed Bug Control Is Worth It For New Jersey Homeowners

bed bug on human skin

Nothing can ruin a peaceful night’s sleep like the thought of sleeping with bed bugs. They aren’t dangerous pests, but the anxiety of going to bed knowing they are feeding on you and waking up with bed bug bites is stressful. 

Teaming up with a local New Jersey pest control company can be your best asset when dealing with these pests. We’ll explore some bed bug control techniques for your home and explain how to find the best pest control to kill bed bugs. 

Why Are Bed Bugs Such Difficult Pests?

Prevention can be difficult with these pests, but it is still one of the best bed control techniques available. Bed bugs are known as hitchhikers; they don’t fly or move very fast, so they use people to get around. Carefully check any luggage from a trip, or secondhand items, for the presence of bed bugs.

Usually, the first sign people become aware of is bed bug bites. If you see clusters or lines of bites on your body, they are probably from bed bugs. While their bites won’t harm people, they can be incredibly itchy, and scratching them can lead to secondary infections. 

Bed bugs are not a pest that will go away on their own; when dealing with an infestation, it helps to work with an experienced bed bug control company near you.

The Downsides Of DIY Bed Bug Control

Unfortunately, DIY bed bug control is rarely successful. One reason for this involves their life cycle. Bed bugs reproduce incredibly quickly, with females laying one to five eggs a day and well over 500 in their lifetime. It only takes 21 days for the nymphs to mature and start reproducing. Before you even know there is a problem, you have a severe bed bug infestation in your home, making them incredibly difficult to eradicate.

Over-the-counter pest control to kill bed bugs generally only kills the adults, leaving all the eggs to mature. Bed bugs are also incredibly skilled at hiding. They can sneak behind baseboards, in electrical outlets, cracks in floors, and even behind wallpaper. The best bed bug control techniques for your home will come from a company experienced in bed bug control in New Jersey that can treat your entire home. 

Why Bed Bug Infestations In New Jersey Require Professional Treatment

As we have shown, bed bug control is not a DIY job. These pests can be tough to eradicate, especially when you have a severe bed bug infestation. Professional treatments eliminate bed bugs and work on eggs and nymphs. 

Additionally, the pros can take a multi-faceted approach when dealing with bed bugs. For example, sprays and heat can eliminate the entire bed bug problem. Working with a local bed bug control company near you will help you get rid of bed bugs for good. 

How Heritage Pest Control Eliminates Bed Bugs

Here at Heritage Pest, we take bed bug control seriously. We have a variety of bed bug control techniques for your home, depending on the extent of your infestation.

For more minor bed bug infestations, we can spray your home to eradicate bed bugs, and we return two weeks later to re-apply the spray to ensure no bed bug is left behind.

We can also employ heat treatments for larger infestations, eradicating bed bugs at all stages of their life. We apply products before and after the heat to ensure complete elimination.

Contact Heritage Pest Control today for the best bed bug control in New Jersey.